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Kevin Latmore Top MLM Trainer

Hey guys,

My name is Kevin Latmore and I have been in Network Marketing fulltime for 13 years. I have been an Elite MLM Trainer for the past 5 years. I live in both Ottawa Canada and in Tampa Florida.

I have 5 Beautiful kids and a wife Rassami Latmore that helps me run our Growing Marketing Empire.

Over the past 13 years we have worked with 6 different companies and have made it to the Top Position as MLM Leaders in each one. In 3 of them we hold the Record for fastest to advance. We have started our journey from Humble beginnings as a Costco family, to growing 3 separate teams to 10,000 downline and over 50,000 total. By focusing on serving others we have built a strong $ 7 Figure Business that has made almost all of our Dreams come true.

On this site we will share what we have learned to help Many others get what they need to succeed. Every day I hear people complain that they do NOT know what to do. They do NOT know what to Say. And far too often I hear people say “their upline does NOT help them or does NOT know how to help them. This may or may not be true but either way I would like to Help be your Network Marketing Coach or MLM Leader in conjunction with your current team or company. Hopefully the MLM Coaching that we provide on this site will help you:

- Grow your mlm business faster

- Eliminate basic mistakes

- Help you gain more confidence

- Make Money and become Profitable faster

So if you have been looking for The ultimate mlm support group, a Qualified Network Marketing Trainer or mentor and True unbiased mlm coaching then UPLINE MASTERMIND is the place to help you make money, No Matter What Company you are Promoting.

See You At The Top

Kevin & Rassami Latmore